Anytime Commerce, the B2B eCommerce Shopping Cart Platform

Anytime Commerce is an eCommerce platform that is provided as a full B2B solution. eCommerce platforms are the biggest thing to hit the way people do business, and B2B transactions are becoming exceedingly popular. The problem with most eCommerce platforms is that it may look great but the back-end integration to the inventory and order entry system typically requires a lot of specialized configuration and customization. Anytime Commerce is an eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with your ERP business system, is easy to manage, and looks fantastic.

Unlike most eCommerce storefronts, Anytime Commerce is designed specifically for business to business (B2B) online sales. Customers can log-in for a filtered view of items they typically buy with access to inventory stock status, customer specific
pricing, and customer self-service to view recent payments, billing information, and details about their account. The Anytime Commerce platform is the attractive, easy way to manage your eCommerce.


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Anytime Commerce has many robust features, which include:

eCommerce Shopping Cart Shopping Cart
Shopping carts are easy to access from the top of the screen with order totals and quick access to the check-out screen.
eCommerce Content Mangement Content Management
Use the built-in content management system (CMS) to maintain your website including news feeds, contact forms, images, and other content by logging into your site and adding or rearranging content in a visual drag-and-drop interface.
B2B/B2C Commerce B2B / B2C
Optimized for B2B eCommerce, Anytime Commerce also supports B2C sales and integrates your storefront to your backoffice accounting ERP business system for customer-specific products, customer pricing, and account history including orders, payments, billing information, and more.
eCommerce Integrations Integrations
Anytime Commerce provides integrated sales tax calculations, freight and shipping costs, and secured credit card processing.
eCommerce Item Catalog Item Catalog
Item catalogs can be setup in categories and subcategories with attachments, images, product descriptions, and tagged keywords to assist with product searches with access to inventory stock status and other information.
eCommerce Sales Rep Sales Reps
Sales rep and dealer log-ins provide online access for your sales force to place customer orders or to review their customer account history.