"Anytime Collect allows us to shorten the order to cash cycle for our 2,000 active customers. We now have a centralized and secure solution for our credit and collections team to access across three states with direct access to account information for more than 50 sales representatives." -Steve Defenbaugh, Controller Systems Maintenance Services

Simplify your Credit Collections
Activities with Anytime Collect

Because credit collections shouldn’t be a challenge

Anytime Collect

Anytime Collect, the accounts receivable credit and collections management software, helps companies streamline accounts receivable processes and better manage their collection activities.

Anytime Collect has many robust features, which include:

Activities Activities
Document A/R collection phone calls and track inbound
and outbound accounts receivable collection
Activities Automation
Utilize mail merge for accounts receivable collection templates and accounts receivable collection letters for mass email communications.
Activities Documents
Store PDF copies of accounts receivable invoices, accounts receivable collection letters, customer contracts, and related accounts receivable collections information.
Activities Integrations
Integrated email, phone calls, and accounts receivable collections module for your ERP accounting system.
Activities Work Queues
Generate accounts receivable collection work queues for your credit department and credit reps. Manage daily schedules and setup rules based on accounts receivable or account information.
Activities Intelligence
Built-in accounts receivable collections dashboards, receivables collections key performance indicators (KPIs), and accounts receivable collections reporting and business intelligence.

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